Our Coaching Services

Coaching is not about fixing problems. Coaching is about facilitating change within the individual.

The role of the coach is to act as constructive change agent to unleash unrealised potential contained within Innovate Coaching & Talent’s clients.

Innovate Coaching  and Executive Mind & Co's approach is unique in the market place.  Its has its foundations in Neuroscience and Neuroleadership. It uses a powerful combination of tools from behavioural profiling such the advanced application of DiSC, emotional intelligence from GENOS and most importantly the experience of our coaches who are all specially selected and have careers as executives. Our coaches operate under a strict code of ethics. Each program is customised to the individual.

Our coaching model is also applied in team settings and delivered in a plenary form. To us it isn't training but an extension of the coaching model unique to Innovate Coaching and Executive Mind & Co

Strategic thinking is the key input into any strategic planning or decision-making process. 

Without it, developing a strategic plan can be formal, bureaucratic, slow and waste time without achieving its objective. Strategic thinking is at the centre of creativity, innovation and the development of strategies that create a true point of difference. The problem is the more we think the less chance we have of coming up with break through ideas. Executive Mind & Co combines the latest thinking in neuroscience and with a decade of our own research specifically centred around strategy, decision-making and thinking. 

This is different, it is nothing like you have ever seen before. We work with business owners, executives, boards, senior management & leadership teams to develop their thinking and change the way they look at their business, their markets, their competitors, their suppliers as a key feed into their strategic planning

Executive Mind & Co

Innovate Coaching & Talent is the license owner of the intellectual property owner and the Executive Coaching, Strategcy & Consulting network of companies Executive Mind & Co through which much of the professional coaching services are delivered